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Exploring ways of sustainable living. A reflection of the last 25 years of urban development in Copenhagen.

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New demands for sustainable solutions and an increased industrialisation and thus streamlining of the building processes are some of the most important challenges the current Danish construction industry is facing. DANISH LANGUAGE EDITION

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About the way we use and reuse the resources in the building industry and ultimately eliminate the concept of wast. The book has just been published in an updated 3rd edition with 50 new pages containing new case study projects and circular business models as well as new perspectives and methods.

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Danish language edition.

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Design with Knowledge. In a cross-disciplinary research collaboration between The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), among others, Henning Larsen Architects has developed a knowledge-based design approach

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The book illustrates how, on the one hand, it is possible to gain environmental advantages by compact, dense and mixed building with low resource consumption and high floor space ratio, and on the other to satisfy the demands for modern housing and office building to have good daylight conditions, a desirable location and access to good recreational areas

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Danish language edition only.

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New Agenda 2 showcases the best Danish landscape architecture projects from the period 2009-2013 – as a natural follow-up to New Agenda from 2009, which covered the previous five years

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On tree's potential as part of a sustainable development of the construction

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Cool Cities. A pointed argument that cities - not nation states - can and must take the lead in fighting climate change

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Nordic Housing - A richly illustrated and inspiring book portraying a selection of new villas, apartments and holiday homes.

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Treehouses - Small Spaces in Nature. This third extended edition presents forty inno­va­tive ­examples of ­contemporary tree­houses. Rigt illustreret

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