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Programming for Heath and Wellbeing in Architecture - presents a new approach to architectural programming that includes sustainability, neuroscience and human factors.

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Architecture and Health - Guiding Principles for Practice. Brings a timely focus to a subject matter commonly constricted by normative building practices and transforms the dialogue into one of creativity and innovation.With over 200 color images, this book is an essential read for architects, designers, and students to explore and analyze designed...

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SOLD OUT Age-Inclusive Public Space. This publication provides practitioners with inspiration, theoretical knowledge on how to design public spaces to meet the needs of people of all ages. The drawings, photographs and illustrations of contemporary built environments, historic gardens, art installations and atmospheric landscapes cater to the reading...

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Center for Kræft og Sundhed - Nord Architects. Om Nord Architects projekt Cancer Care Center, som er skabt med udgangspunkt i brugerne med det formål at skabe en enestående arkitektonisk ramme, der kan bidrage til lindring i meget svære behandlingsforløb – en helende arkitektur.

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Architecture Body Space - About the importance of high-quality architecture as a setting for exercise and athletics.

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About architecture as a setting for exercise and other physical activities, especially the softer types of workout such as yoga, pilates, gymnastics, dance and other forms of exercise that appeal to many women in particular.Danish language only. Danish language edition.

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Sundhedsarkitekturens ABC er den første danske antologi om sundhedsarkitektur

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Healing Architecture 2004-2017. What does architecture have to do with health? Can architecture support the healing process?

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X-Ray Architecture. The book explores the enormous impact of medical discourse and imaging technologies on the formation, representation and reception of twentieth-century architecture. It challenges the normal understanding of modern architecture by proposing that it was shaped by the dominant medical obsession of its time; tuberculosis and its primary...

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Therapeutic Landscapes - An Evidence-Based Approach to Designing Healing Gardens and Restorative Outdoor Spaces. It provides general guidelines for designers and other stakeholders in a variety of projects, as well as patient-specific guidelines covering twelve categories ranging from burn patients, psychiatric patients, to hospice and Alzheimer's...

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MONU Late Life Urbanism. The topic of “Late Life Urbanism” looks at how architecture and cities will be impacted in the future by societies that become increasingly older. According to Deane Simpson, an important group to consider is the “Young-Old” demographic, which corresponds to a shift from an ethos of care to one of leisure and entertainment.

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Farvernes medicin - The Medicine of Colours - Poul Gernes

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