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Bellahøj. The story about Denmark's first skyscrapers. Danish language edition. Only few copies left.

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DKK 149

Huse - Bevaringsguide for bedre byggeskik. DANISH LANGUAGE EDITION

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About the way we use and reuse the resources in the building industry and ultimately eliminate the concept of wast. Updated 3rd edition with 50 new pages containing new case study projects and circular business models as well as new perspectives and methods.

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Sundhedsarkitekturens ABC er den første danske antologi om sundhedsarkitektur

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Danish language edition.

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Bylivsstudier by Jan Gehl. How do we accommodate a growing urban population in a way that is sustainable, equitable, and inviting? 

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Design with Knowledge. In a cross-disciplinary research collaboration between The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), among others, Henning Larsen Architects has developed a knowledge-based design approach

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About the "Funkis" houses - built in the period 1925-1945. Danish language edition.

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Humane byer -  Danish language edition

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Koppel. About the award winning Danish architects, Eva(1916-2006)and Nils Koppel (1914-2009)

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Om de murede almene bebyggelser fra 1940-1959. Med bogen får man desuden 5 faktablade om hhv. Tage, Facader, Vinduer og Døre, Altaner og Omgivelser. Faktabladene går mere i dybden med de spøgsmål, der kan opstå ved en renovering.

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Mesterværker - A book on Danish single-family houses from the 1950s

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