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An exclusive art book to supplement Dorte Mandrup’s installation ”Conditions” at La Biennale di Venezia 2018. Limited edition of 300 copies. Only available at the Architects' shop.

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Short Guide Biennale Architettura 2018, English language edition

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Bellahøj. The story about Denmark's first skyscrapers. Danish language edition. Only few copies left.

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Det sammensatte. Samtidslandskabets fotografi af Christiana Capetillo.

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Tiden med Utzon (My time with Utzon) Written by Jørn Utzon's right-hand man at the studio in Hellebæk architect Mogens Prip-Buus.Danish language edition.

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Danish language edition.

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Farvernes medicin - The Medicine of Colours - Poul Gernes

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Arkitekten Frits Schlegel. Monograph about the Danish Architect Frits Schlegel (1896-1965) created major works such as Mariebjerg's Chapel and Crematory, The State Agency for Life Insurance (together with Mogens Lassen), Tivolis Gardens' Concert Hall and many more. The book is richly illustrated. Danish language edition.

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How is the new created? Does the concept of method make sense given the fact that each creative process is evaluated in relation to its singularity? When is a process completed? Danish language edition.

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The Danish architect P.V. Jensen-Klint - the Headstrong Master Builder. As an architect, pioneer, innovator, and avid critic, P.V.Jensen-Klint (1853-1930) proved of major significance for the evolution of Danish architecture and design. Danish language edition.

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P.V. Jensen-Klint - The Headstrong Master Builder 

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