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Come Together - Fællesskaber i Danmark. This title is only available in a Danish language editin. 

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Kapitalen (The Capital) About new architecture and cityspaces in Copenhagen. Richly illustrated. Danish Language edition only.

DKK 250

Positioner i ny dansk arkitektur - Nykredit Fonds Arkitekturpriser 2007-2019. En præsentation af de seneste 13 års prismodtagere og et unikt, opdateret portræt af den allernyeste arkitekturer, som den former sig netop nu. En række af landets bedste og mest interessante arkitekter bliver præsenteret i ord og billeder. BIG, COBE, SLA og Dorte Mandrup m.fl.

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Summer online offer - About the Danish architect Hans Dahlerup Berthelsen (1881-1939). Richly illustrated.

DKK 250

New demands for sustainable solutions and an increased industrialisation and thus streamlining of the building processes are some of the most important challenges the current Danish construction industry is facing. DANISH LANGUAGE EDITION

DKK 350

Bellahøj. The story about Denmark's first skyscrapers. Danish language edition. Only few copies left.

DKK 348

Dansk arkitektur konkurrencer 1907-1968. Danish language edition. En undersøgelse af konkurrencernes vekselvirkning med arkitektur, fag og samfund

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Danish language edition.

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Bylivsstudier by Jan Gehl. How do we accommodate a growing urban population in a way that is sustainable, equitable, and inviting? 

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The book illustrates how, on the one hand, it is possible to gain environmental advantages by compact, dense and mixed building with low resource consumption and high floor space ratio, and on the other to satisfy the demands for modern housing and office building to have good daylight conditions, a desirable location and access to good recreational areas

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Humane byer -  Danish language edition

DKK 278

About the Danish architect and urban planner Peter Bredsdorff (1913-1981) Peter Bredsdorff is especially known for his Finger Plan - an urban plan from 1947 which provides a strategy for the development of theCopenhagen metropolitan area, Denmark

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