Træ Wood

I en bæredygtig byggekultur - in a sustainable building culture

By Red. Anne Beim og Nikolaj Callisen Friis

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On tree's potential as part of a sustainable development of the construction

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On tree's potential as part of a sustainable development of the construction.
Wood is a natural material, which is readily available and a renewable resource.For these reasons, as well as many others, wood has been used in contruction for millennia.As well as these attributes, wood's many physical properties and the fact that it can be shaped and applied in many different ways, endow it with high architectural value.But, most important of all, wood unquestionably offers a variety of advantages in terms of its sustainable qualities.It is these which CINARK (Centre for Industrialised Architecture) wish to showcase in this publication.Today there is much to suggest that wood is on the verge of a renaissance in the construction sector.New timber products and timber-construction techniques have been developed, and the demand for building sustainably is greater now than ever before.Not only is the focus on the use of resources such as materials and energy in buildings, there is also an understanding that it is equally important to develop solutions, which prevent increasing environmental pollution.
Danish and English language edition.Richly illustrated with photos and drawings.

Foreword by Anne Beim
Timber construction and sustainability - Kasper Sánchez Vibæk
Evolution or innovation - Nikolaj Callisen Friis
Mini House - Mette Lange Architects
Bokompakt - Open Studio & Tengbom Arkitekter
Villa Asserbo - EENTILEEN Arkitekter
Autarki - CINARK
Wood as a sustainable building material - Kasper Sánchez Vibæk
Scandi Byg - with CEO Jesper Hoffman
Taasinge Elementer - with Divisional Director Lauritz Rasmussen
The future for timber construction - Nikolaj Callisen Friis

AuthorRed. Anne Beim og Nikolaj Callisen Friis
Format26x 21 cm
BindingSoft cover
Page count112