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Danish Architecture and Society - From Monarchy to the Wellfare State. Provides a broad overview of Danish public architecture that transcends formal tendencies or styles and includes a wide variety of architects.Richly illustrated. More than 200 drawings and photos.

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Arkitekten nr. 05 2020. Tema: Dansk arkitektur 2. Udvalgte projekter: Mærsk Tårnet, K.B. Hallen, Hammershus Besøgscenter, Skovtårnet, Gellerup Bypark, Pandahuset, Kunstens Hus Kildegården, Enghave Kirke, Lisbjerg Bakke, Venligbolig Plus, Vitskøl Kloster, Tornhøj, Køge Nord Station, Cityringen, Enghave Plads

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Age-Inclusive Public Space. This publication provides practitioners with inspiration, theoretical knowledge on how to design public spaces to meet the needs of people of all ages. The drawings, photographs and illustrations of contemporary built environments, historic gardens, art installations and atmospheric landscapes cater to the reading habits of...

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My Book - Svein Tønsager. Cracks, Hinges & Xfoliation about the dynamic and visionary Norwegian architect - the driving force behind the creation of a wide international network of architects who constantly explored the possibilities of architecture through exchanges, lectures, debates, dialogues and friendships. Articles by Michael Sorkin, Christine...

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Landskab nr. 04 2020. Dette nummer samler en serie projekter, hvor relationen mellem menneske og natur kommer forskelligartet til udtryk. Om billedkunstneren Lea Porsager og hendes projekt Gravitational ripples, om Bispebjerg Hospitals kulturarvsprojekt, om Herlev Hospitals ny natur med Stig L. Andersson og Bjørn Gilman, SLA, om Sven-Ingvar Anderssons...

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The Artful Plan - Architectural Drawing Reconfigured. What can architectural drawing be today? What new options does it offer for creativity in design? Which new ways does it open for including knowledge and methods from the arts, academic research and current architectural practice? Richly illustrated including many high-quality drawings that are in...

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Det sammensatte. Samtidslandskabets fotografi af Christiana Capetillo.

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Dansk arkitektur - Konkurrencer 1969-2015. 

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Dansk arkitektur - Konkurrencer 1907-1968 og Dansk arkitektur - Konkurrencer 1969-2015 - SAMPAK SÆRPRIS

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Where Architects Sleep - The Most Stylish Hotels in the World. The world's leading architects share insider tips on where to stay, revealing everything from renowned destinations to undiscovered gems. With 1,200 listings in more than 100 countries, this guide has readers covered, whether planning a business trip or a vacation, a city break or a remote...

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Le Corbusier Paper Models - 10 Kirigami Models to Cut and Fold. Now you can create 10 of his most important works in paper using the art of kirigami (cutting and folding).

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Publication September 21st! Luxury for Every One - Milestones in European Stepped Terrace Housing. Publication in April - preorder now!

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