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DKK 595

Japanese Mayu Teapot - Light blue glazed. Award Winning Design. Designed in 1958, it is known as one of Masahiro Mori’s most famous pieces for Hakusan Porcelain, having been awarded the Good Design Prize in 1960 and the Long Life Design Prize in 1977 for its combination of functionality and a simple, beautiful form.

DKK 299

Japanese Mayu Tea cup - light blue glazed - Design Masahiro Mori. In japanese, mayu means cocoon. The teapot belonging to the tea cup has borrowed its shape from a cocoon of a silkworm.

DKK 419 DKK 499 -16%

Design Jakob Wagner

DKK 498 DKK 600 -17%

Design Makoto Koizumi

DKK 280

Japanese Sitaku canister - small and stackable. Lid with airtight seal. Designed by leading Japanese designer Makoto Koizumi. 

DKK 300

Japanese Sitaku Canister large stackable. Lid with airtight seal. Designed by leading Japanese designer Makoto Koizumi. 

DKK 349

MD Pencase Kurashiki canvas. A freestanding pencase with a gusset. This cleanly designed pencase fits neatly on your desk or in your bag, holding your favorite writing instruments from pencils to fountain pens. Designed to hold plenty of items. You can put in 20 writing instruments - fountain, pens, pencils, colored pencils - and still have room for items...

DKK 950

Hakusan M-Type Series. 

DKK 950

Japanese Teapot Set - Blue- Hakusan M-Type Series. The M-type series was created in 1973 and won the Good Design Award in the same year. Available in blue and white.

DKK 300

Japanese White Soji Mug - traditionally crafted teacup made by Kihara. Deeply rooted in Japanese culture.

DKK 195

G-type Soy Sauce Dispenser L Brown - Design Masahiro Mori, 1958. Received Good Design Award in 1960

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