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Träd i Malmö - nomineret til Årets Trädgårdsbok 2019

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Design with Nature Now. Named a best book of 2019! Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Ian McHarg's seminal book, which set a forth a new vision for regional planning using natural systems.

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Forårstilbud! Nature and Cities - The Ecological Imperative in Urban Design and Planning. Forårstilbud! Essays by leading international architects, landscape architects, city planners, and urban designers demonstrates the economic, environmental, and public health benefits of integrating nature more fully into cities.

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Ny jord - Tidsskrift for naturkritik. Nr. 3-4. 2018-2019. Tidsskriftet ønsker at bidrage til en kvalificeret samtale om naturen i en tid, hvor vores forestillinger og idéer om den ændres markant.

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Theory of Gardens - Jean-Marie Morel (1728–1810) a leading French landscape designer and theorist. This translation marks the first time the 1776 edition of the Théorie des jardins is available in English.

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Roberto Burle Marx Lectures - Landscape as Art and Urbanisme. One of the most important landscape architects in the history of the field. The lectures paint a picture of Burle Marx not just as a gardener, artist and botanist, but as a landscape architect whose ambition was to bring radical change to cities and society. Incl. af dozen of lectures, most of...

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Marnas have - Through Illustrated florilegium with garden art for gardeners and flower lovers

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Therapeutic Landscapes - An Evidence-Based Approach to Designing Healing Gardens and Restorative Outdoor Spaces. It provides general guidelines for designers and other stakeholders in a variety of projects, as well as patient-specific guidelines covering twelve categories ranging from burn patients, psychiatric patients, to hospice and Alzheimer's...

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The Landscape of Imagination - The Collected Essays of James Corner, 1990-2010. Addresses critical issues in landscape architecture and prove that the best way to address the problems facing our cities is to embrace their industrial past.

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Træmuseet. En bemærkelsesværdig essaysamling af forfatter og billedkunstner C. Y. Frostholm. Om hvordan man erfarer naturen, og hvordan litteratur bliver til.

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Naturalistic Planting Design - The Essential Guide: How to design high-impact, low-input gardens. 

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Mutation and Morphosis - Landscape as Aggregate looks at all the many aspects involved in the collective process of designing and shaping landscapes, from planning to implementation. The model as a tool and the collection as a driving force are illustrated on the basis of an astonishing variety of topics.

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