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Wellfare Architecture for All - C.F. Møller Architects - How can architecture enable better socialising, living, working, learning and healing? This book will aim to answer those questions.

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Flying Panels. The book looks at how a building technology became a powerful tool for the construction of a new society. It brings together a group of architects, historians, ­philosophers, and curators to discuss the way in which concrete panel systems spread across the world, reflecting on their cultural influence, from the second half of the twentieth...

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Soft City by David Sim, Gehl Architects. Imagine waking up to the gentle noises of the city, and moving through your day with complete confidence that you will get where you need to go quickly and efficiently. Soft City offers inspiration, ideas, and guidance for anyone interested in city building. Sim shows how to make any city more efficient, more...

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Tugendhar House. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. New updated edition that includes fresh personal reminiscences and previously unpublished material. Richly illustrated

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Mok Wei Wei - Works by W Architects. An in-depth monograph on Singapore’s most inventive, thoughtful, and respected architect. 600 color illustrations.

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Built by the Sea - Villas and Small houses, 3RD Edition - The book is a showcase of private residences and summer houses in which the interplay between the built and the unbuilt natural landscape achieves it maximum effect.

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A Little House - Le Corbusier. 2nd Edition. New edition with images in improved quality, separate language editions and a new epilogue The history of development and construction: documented by Le Corbusier himself.

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Fascination Concrete - udkommer i maj - forudbestil nu! The publication shows the enormous relevance and inimitable fascination of concrete in impressive imagery and versed texts with all relevant facts. 

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Dansk arkitektur - Konkurrencer 1907-1968 og Dansk arkitektur - Konkurrencer 1969-2015 - SAMPAK SÆRPRIS

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Villa Design - publication in april - preorder now!

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Luxury for All - Milestones in European Stepped Terrace Housing. The stepped terraced house as a green alternative to the grid. Investigation of 12 examples from Europe and overview 20th century. With excerpts from Harry Glück's manifest "Die Möglichkeit einer grenen Stadt"

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Nordic Architecture and Design - A New Golden Age. An undispensable book for all who are interested in new Nordic architecture. Contains a long range of unique projects made by famous Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Faroese studios of architecture.

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