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DKK 319

Arne Jacobsen - Approach to his Complete Works 1926-1971, three volumes. Richly illustrated with photos and drawings.

DKK 336

Thorvald Bindesbøll - Inventing Modernism. Monograph on the architect Thorvald Bindesbøll (1846-1908). Richly illustrated with new photos and many previously unpublished drawings.

DKK 183

Monograph about the Danish Architect Finn Juhl (1912-1989). Richly illustrated. Danish language edition.

DKK 183

The Architect Finn Juhl - monography about the Danish architect Finn Juhl (1912-1989). Richly illustrated.

DKK 279

Danish Architecture since 1754. An introduction to Danish architecture, not just for professionals, but for all those who are interested in the connection between the buildings' history and the development of society. 

DKK 279

Dansk arkitektur siden 1754. En introduktion til dansk arkitektur, ikke kun for fagfolk, men for alle som interesserer sig for sammenhængen mellem husenes historie og samfundets udvikling.   

DKK 278

Monograph about the Danish architect Gehrdt Bornebusch (1925-2011). Richly illustrated with photos and drawings. Danish language edition.

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Gottlieb Bindesbøll (1800-1856) was not just Denmark’s first modern architect. He was also one of the best. Still, no major book was ever published about this oeuvre.

DKK 300

New City Spaces. This book presents an overview of the developments in the use and planning of public spaces, and offers a detailed description of 9 cities and 39 selected public space projects from all parts of the World.  

DKK 222

Utzons Own Houses. The Homes of Utzon includes descriptions of the homes – past and present – that Utzon designed and lived in himself: the house in Hellebæk, built in 1951, the Bay View villa in Australia, and his magnificent houses on Majorca.   

DKK 78

Tag over hovedet - Dansk boligbyggeri fra 1945-1982. The book reviews the development of different types of housing in the post-war years.It analyses the expression of form as a product of influences and conditions resulting from economic and policies in Denmark. Danish language only.

DKK 236

New Single-Family Houses by Nordic Architects. The book presents and comments on a selection of new Nordic single-family houses including custom-built homes, pre-fab houses and examples of existing homes that have been renovated and expanded. Richly illustrated with photos and drawings.

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