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When Architecture Tells the Story - of the Virgin Islands of the United States - Cities and landscapes in the Virgin Islands of the United States.

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Contemporary Communities. What makes communities thrive?

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Special online offer - buy before Nov 1st - Architecture and the Welfare State, is the first book to explore the architecture of the welfare state in Western Europe from an international perspective. 

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Druot, Lacaton & Vassal - Tour Bois Le Pretre. The Tour Bois-le-Pretre offers a model for architects, planners, conservationists, developers, and politicians to engage with one of the most important challenges in the coming dacades: the physical and social rehabilitation of the mass-produced housing developments of the 1960s and 1970s across Europe.

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Come Together - Fællesskaber i Danmark. Publication June 7th - preorder now! This title is only available in a Danish language editin. 

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Suburbs of the future - lessons learned. Twenty-nine proposals from teams in competitions in six different types of suburbs have generated a wide range of bids on how the suburbs can be redeveloped in a more sustainable way. 

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Svenska Villor S M L XL showcasing 38 of the most interesting and innovating houses from the 21th century. Richly illustrated.

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Arne Jacobsen - Approach to his Complete Works 1926-1971, three volumes. Richly illustrated with photos and drawings.

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Christmas offer -buy before Dec 20! Thorvald Bindesbøll - Inventing Modernism. Monograph on the architect Thorvald Bindesbøll (1846-1908). Richly illustrated with new photos and many previously unpublished drawings.

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Monograph about the Danish Architect Finn Juhl (1912-1989). Richly illustrated. Danish language edition.

DKK 229

The Architect Finn Juhl - monography about the Danish architect Finn Juhl (1912-1989). Richly illustrated.

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Danish Architecture since 1754. An introduction to Danish architecture, not just for professionals, but for all those who are interested in the connection between the buildings' history and the development of society. 

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