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A Little House - Le Corbusier. 2nd Edition. New edition with images in improved quality, separate language editions and a new epilogue The history of development and construction: documented by Le Corbusier himself.

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Fascination Concrete - udkommer i maj - forudbestil nu! The publication shows the enormous relevance and inimitable fascination of concrete in impressive imagery and versed texts with all relevant facts. 

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Dansk arkitektur - Konkurrencer 1907-1968 og Dansk arkitektur - Konkurrencer 1969-2015 - SAMPAK SÆRPRIS

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Villa Design - publication in april - preorder now!

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Publication in September! Luxury for Every One - Milestones in European Stepped Terrace Housing. Publication in April - preorder now!

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Nordic Architecture and Design - A New Golden Age. An undispensable book for all who are interested in new Nordic architecture. Contains a long range of unique projects made by famous Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Faroese studios of architecture.

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Publication in April - preorder now! The Sunny Days of Villa Savoye - Villa Savoye is an icon of modern architecture. But who were Eugénie and Pierre Savoye, who had the house built between 1928 and 1930? Why did they commission Le Corbusier? And how did they live in the country house they christened Villa les Heures Claires?

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Elements of Architecture Rem Koolhaas. A look through the microscope at the real fundamentals of our buildings, revealing the essential design techniques used by any architect, anywhere, anytime. Conceived by Rem Koolhaas and made with the Harvard Graduate School of Design, it is a primordial toolkit to understanding how seemingly stable elements are...

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The Architecture of Happiness. The Number one international bestseller! What makes a house truly beautiful? Why are many new houses so ugly? Why do we argue so bitterly about sofas and pictures - and can differences of taste ever be satisfactorily resolved?

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My Book - Svein Tønsager. Cracks, Hinges & Xfoliation about the dynamic and visionary Norwegian architect - the driving force behind the creation of a wide international network of architects who constantly explored the possibilities of architecture through exchanges, lectures, debates, dialogues and friendships. Articles by Michael Sorkin, Christine...

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The Very Best Works At The Turn of The Century. A selection of the most prominent works of architecture selected by El Croquis with an introduction by Juan Antonio Cortés and an essay by William Curtis

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Danish Architecture and Society - From Monarchy to the Wellfare State. Provides a broad overview of Danish public architecture that transcends formal tendencies or styles and includes a wide variety of architects.Richly illustrated. More than 200 drawings and photos.

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