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Double issue featuring the works and projects that Herzog & De Meuron produced in the years 2005-2010

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Special online offer - buy before November 1st! The City Between Freedom and Security - Contested Public Spaces in the 21st Century

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What is the meaning of detailing in today’s building industry? Has the need for thoroughly designed and refined details made for specific projects faded?

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Buildings must die - A Perverse View of Architecture. Part memento mori for architecture, and part invocation to reimagine the design values that lay at the heart of its creative purpose.

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architecture · relations presents new realized projects from architectural offices in Switzerland, England and Denmark. 

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Livet mellem husene - Jan Gehls klassiker fra 1971 står stadig uanfægtet som den mest grundlæggende indføring i udemiljøernes samspil med det sociale liv. Danish language edition.

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Sustainability in Scandinavia - Architectural Design and Planning. Today, Scandinavia is still on the forefront of sustainable development, reorienting cultural engagement and economic growth to face climate change. In this book, essential aspects of sustainability in architecture and planning are approached from many diverse perspectives.

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Your Guide to Downtown Denise Scott Brown. The exhibition catalogue published in connection with the first exhibition to span the universe of Denise's work and ideas at Architecturzentrum Wien.

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Academic Dissensus. The book explores the nature of an art academy and more specifically a school of architecture. The academy is conceived of as an archipelago of academic cultures. The book is specifically concerned with the way artistic practice relates to politics at a school of architecture. 

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Questions of Representations in Architecture.

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Spring offer! Byen, rummet og det fælles. Bogen ønsker at bidrage med både kritiske og skabende indsatser angående arkitekturens fælles rum i en tid, der behøver indsigt i sin egen situation og nye muligheder for handling; som behøver fornyet blik på fællesskabendeprocesser og fællesressourcer. Danish language edition. 

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