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Nordic Architects - Global Impacts, can be interpreted broadly. Referring to the challenges faced by architects the world over to create buildings and cities that are sustainable and inclusive, it is a theme that has particular resonance in the world’s northernmost regions, where many look to find benchmarks of innovation and problem-solving.

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Special online offer - buy before November 1st! The City Between Freedom and Security - Contested Public Spaces in the 21st Century

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SITELESS presents an open-ended compendium of visual ideas for the architectural imagination to draw from. Some may call it the first manifesto of the twenty-first century, for it lays down a new way to think about architecture. Others may think of it as the last architectural treatise, for it provides a discursive container for ideas that would otherwise...

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The Strip - Las Vegas and the Architecture of the American Dream - “Finally, the book that explains Las Vegas without reducing it to a caricature. Nearly 45 years after Learning from Las Vegas, Stefan Al brings the history of this iconic American landscape up to date.” Margaret Crawford.

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Destination Architecture - The Essential Guide to 1000 Contemporary Buildings. The definitive architecture travel guide that lets you visit 1,000 of today's most must-see contemporary buildings – whether at home or on the road.

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Beauty Redeemed - Recycling Post-industrial Landscapes.

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Healing Architecture 2004-2017. What does architecture have to do with health? Can architecture support the healing process?

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Historicismens huse - en bevaringsguide 1850-1915. Danish language edition.

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Monograph about the Danish architect Svenn Eske Kristensen (1905-2000). Richly illustrated with drawings and photographs. 

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How to Design Humane Cities - Public Spaces and Urbanity. A practical guide demonstrating what urban development with a human face might look like.

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Isay Weinfeld - An Architect from Brazil. Bauhaus minimalism meets tasteful elegance. 

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Homes - Ensembles - City Housing and Welfare in Copenhagen. The book shows 36 building projects of the near future after a thoroughly introduction by the author on the three scale-modules of the dwelling.

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