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NB Thit title is out of stock at present. Will be reprinted! Wood is a fresh, insightful and surprising look at the world's best timber architecture. With 170 structures from the last 1,000 years, Wood features projects from some of the world's most celebrated architects. Richly illustrated.

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Forming Welfare) How can architecture, space, planning and design add to our present welfare? And which new problems and potentials arise if we try to solve future welfare challenges with form? 

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Monograph about Kjellgren Kaminsky Architects. The work of the Swedish architects Fredrik Kjellgren and Joakim Kaminsky represent sustainable solutions and innovative design at its best. Richly illustrated.

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Based on more than 100 carefully selected works, the whole scope of possibilities for extensions and conversions is presented – from multi-floor annexes, via newly designed existing spaces, to additional sections or merged spaces.

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AV Monographs 205: Jørn Utzon 1918-2008

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The Silo - Cobe. Ny dansk arkitektur bind 2

DKK 249

Vadehavscentret - Dorte Mandrup. Ny dansk arkitektur, bind 1. 

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Vilje til form. About the Danish architect Knud Munk (1936-2016).

DKK 350

Dansk betonarkitektur. Danish language edition. Richly illustrated. 

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"Where Architects stay in Europe" - This volume takes the reader on a journey of discovery to enchanting vacation destinations whose architecture and interior design guarantee perfect holidays.

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This monographic instalment features the work of Arno Brandlhuber, one of the most intriguing European architects today

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Arkitektur der forandrer - fra ghetto til velfungerende byområde. Kan man forandre de sociale problemer i ghettoområder som Vollsmose og Gellerupparken ved at bygge om på husene? Eksempler fra udlandet tyder på, at man kan. I lande som Holland, Frankrig, Spanien, USA og Storbritannien sættes ind over for de sociale problemer i ghettoerne ved at gøre...

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