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How can we create a rich, humanist architecture that is built on a profound respect for local as well as global resources? Good Buildings on a Small Planet presents eight different answers that are framed by thoughts, ideas and new architecture.

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A special selection of Nordic, cool housing projects from the previous series "News in Nordic Architecture, A New Golden Age and Global Danish Architecture.

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SITELESS presents an open-ended compendium of visual ideas for the architectural imagination to draw from. Some may call it the first manifesto of the twenty-first century, for it lays down a new way to think about architecture. Others may think of it as the last architectural treatise, for it provides a discursive container for ideas that would otherwise...

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A timely and wide-ranging global survey of this compelling and much-admired style of architecture.

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Ornament is Crime - An unprecedented homage to modernist architecture from the 1920s up to the present day

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Good Buildings on a Small Planet -portrays eight Danish architectural firms that are creating new architecture where sustainability is not simply a question of consuming less, but also about giving more.

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Fra ghetto til blandet by - Danske og internationale erfaringer med omdannelse af udsatte boligområder. Bogen dokumenterer at det kan lade sig gøre at ombygge ghettoer i stedet for at rive ned. Danish language edition only.

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The book poses 75 architectural challenges for the user: from building an underground community or designing your own imaginary city to creating a new park for New York, plus many more. Aimed at anyone who loves drawing buildings and cities, it encourages users to imagine their own creative solutions by sketching, drawing, and painting in the pages of the...

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How to Design Humane Cities - Public Spaces and Urbanity. A practical guide demonstrating what urban development with a human face might look like.

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Isay Weinfeld - An Architect from Brazil. Bauhaus minimalism meets tasteful elegance. 

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Wood is a fresh, insightful and surprising look at the world's best timber architecture. With 170 structures from the last 1,000 years, Wood features projects from some of the world's most celebrated architects. Richly illustrated.

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Form til velfærd (Forming Welfare) How can architecture, space, planning and design add to our present welfare? And which new problems and potentials arise if we try to solve future welfare challenges with form? Danish language edition.

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