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NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE - OUT OF PRINT! The new Copenhagen - The city architects records 2001-2010 is a guide to the urban areas and urban spaces developped in the 00s everywhere in Copenhagen - from North Harbour to the South Port from Carlsberg to Ørestad. Danish language edition.

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A book on Danish single-family houses from the 1950s

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Spring offer! The Danish architect P.V. Jensen-Klint - the Headstrong Master Builder. As an architect, pioneer, innovator, and avid critic, P.V.Jensen-Klint (1853-1930) proved of major significance for the evolution of Danish architecture and design. Danish language edition.

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The aim of this publication is to provoke a new way of thinking about industrial-based architecture

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Parcelhuset - Ny guide til bevaring og fornyelse af parcelhuset. Guiden gennemgår både historien om parcelhuset og ser på de enkelte bygningsdele - tag, facader, vinduer, døre, interiør og omgivelser. Ved at vise billedeksempler på gode og dårlige løsninger fremgår det meget tydeligt, hvor de kvaliteter ligger, som man skal bevare og passe på ved...

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Danish language edition.

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Spring offer! Nordic Housing - A richly illustrated and inspiring book portraying a selection of new villas, apartments and holiday homes.

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Treehouses - Small Spaces in Nature. This third extended edition presents forty inno­va­tive ­examples of ­contemporary tree­houses. Rigt illustreret

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The retro-futuristic epoch is one of the most visually spectacular in architecture’s history. The utopian buildings of the 1960s and 1970s never go out of style. This book compiles radical ideas, rediscovered photos, and visionary structures.

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Monograph about the danish artist Gunnar Aagaard Andersen. Danish language edition

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Celebrating the one-hundredth birthday of Brazil’s most important female architect and designer. 

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How can we create a rich, humanist architecture that is built on a profound respect for local as well as global resources? Good Buildings on a Small Planet presents eight different answers that are framed by thoughts, ideas and new architecture.

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