Tiden med Utzon

By Mogens Prip-Buus

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Tiden med Utzon (My time with Utzon) Written by Jørn Utzon's right-hand man at the studio in Hellebæk architect Mogens Prip-Buus.Danish language edition.

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For many years – and throughout the construction process for the Sydney Opera House – Jørn Utzon’s right-hand man at the studio in Hellebæk was the architect Mogens Prip-Buus."Tiden med Utzon" (My time with Utzon) contains three separate articles: "Ideerne" (The ideas), "Historierne" (The stories) and "Pingvinerne" (The penguins).Of the first text, "Ideerne", MPB said that "When Jørn received the manuscript for my lecture, he thanked me enthusiastically and asked me to try to get the content published, saying it was the best description so far of the foundations for our work.Actually he used the expression ‘your philosophy about our architecture’.” Many prestigious books about Utzon’s works have been published, but in MPB’s own words, “This should not be a ‘prestige book’ but instead something that Jørn often wanted: a book that everyone should be able to buy and stick in their pocket or their bag.
The text of the book is deliberately not intellectual but is held in the simple manner of speaking we used at the studio, and which I later used with students.There are no theories, no dogma, no final conclusions, only the indications of a working method.”
Danish language edition.

AuthorMogens Prip-Buus
Format15 x 18,50 cm
PublisherKunstakademiets Arkitektskoles Forlag
BindingSoft cover
Page count144