Modern Construction Handbook, 6th ed.

By Andrew Watts

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Modern Construction Handbook, 6th ed.. New edition of the popular handbook

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Modern Construction Handbook, 6th ed.. New edition of the popular handbook

The Modern Construction Handbook has become a classic of advanced construction literature, not least due to its regular revisions and clear structure with chapters titled “Material”, “Wall”, “Roof”, “Structure”, “Environment,” and “Applications”.

Tried and tested component details, examples focusing on sustainability and energy consumption, and an update on finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) introduced in the last edition set new standards for this handbook which serves as a foundational textbook in many architecture courses.

As a primer Handbook to building design, it is a starting point for the more advanced books Modern Construction EnvelopesModern Construction Case StudiesModern Environmental Design and Modern Structural Design by Andrew Watts.

  • Relevant details and examples for studies
  • The most important aspects of building design covered in six chapters
  • Project-neutral drawings


Andrew Watts an architect and engineer and the author of the Modern Construction series of textbooks. He specialises in the architectural and engineering design of large-scale buildings of complex form. Andrew is a founding director of Newtecnic. He is a Fellow of three UK engineering institutions in recognition of his engineering-based designs; the Institution of Civil Engineers; the Institution of Engineering Designers; the Institution of Engineering and Technology. Andrew holds charterships in the UK for architecture and engineering from the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Institution of Engineering Designers. In the US, he holds an ASCE membership.

AuthorAndrew Watts
BindingSoft cover
Page count504 pages, 1740 coloured illustrations