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Interventions and Adaptive Reuse - A Decade of Responsible Practice. Building in existing fabric

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Tomorrow's Timber - Towards the next building revolution. Abundantly illustrated, Tomorrow’s Timber covers topics based on the latest scientific insights and statistics. Also included are inspiring case studies from all over the world, which show that the mass timber revolution has already begun.

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The Ideal City - Exploring Urban Futures. The perfect city is yet to be built, but through collective actions the next generation could have it in sight.

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Beyond Concrete - Strategies for a post-fossil baukultur

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Adapting Cites to Sea Level Rise - Green and Gray Strategies. Adapting Cities to Sea Level Rise, by infrastructure expert Stefan Al, introduces design responses to sea-level rise, drawing from examples around the globe.

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Cocoon House - Light in sustainable architecture and design. The carefully considered theories that served as inspiration to the house are discussed in depth, making Cocoon House a crucial reference book to anyone studying sustainable architecture as a whole.

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Sommertilbud! Building with Earth - Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture. Fourth and revised edition of the standard work of reference on rammed earth construction

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Landscape Architecture for Sea Level Rise - Innovative Global Solutions

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Resilient City - Landscape Architecture for Climate Change. How cities cope with climate change. På vej til lager!

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Building for change - The Architecture of Creative Reuse How can we build a sustainable future in a time of climate change and dwindling resources? As our spatial needs begin to evolve more rapidly, architects are exploring ingenious ways in which to reuse and recycle existing buildings; resulting in a stunning transformation of our existing urban fabric.

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Publication on 23/8 -Preorder now! Build Beyond Zero - New Ideas for Carbon-smart Architecture

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