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Engineering with Ole Vanggaard is a tribute to engineer Ole Vanggaard. The book shows his work, studies, research and collaborative projects - through 16 authors from different countries.

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Per Kirkeby / Arkitektur. Bogen giver indblik i Per Kirkebys samlede arkitekturproduktion og viser samtidig, at arkitekturen ikke var et appendiks til Per Kirkebys billedkunst, men en central del af hans tænkning og arbejde som kunstner. Rigt illustreret med tegninger og fotografier.

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Per Kirkeby / Architecture. Per Kirkeby had a life-long passion for architecture that manifested itself in his writing, visual art, and sculptures and culminated in a number of buildings erected in the latter part of his career. The book includes numerous conversations between Thomas Bo Jensen and Per Kirkeby. Richly illustrated.

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Balkrishna Doshi - Architecture for the people - the first overview of the architect’s work in over twenty years. Balkrishna V. Doshi (b. 1927 in Pune) is one of the most influential pioneers of modern architecture in India. His life’s work was honored in 2018 with the prestigious Pritzker Prize. Richly illustrated.

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Spring offer! Klein - Arkitekten Vilhelm Kleins skrifter og historicismen i Danmark. En historisk udgivelse af arkitekt og professor Vilhelm Kleins (1835-1913) tre ikke tidligere udgivne manuskripter: Architektportraiter, Blade af Vølvets Historie og To Tidsaldre. Et portræt af 1800-tallets danske arkitekter

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COBE - Our Urban Living Room - Learning from Copenhagen. New revised edition of the bestseller book: COBE - Our Urban Living Room. The book is a careful examination of Copenhagen and the lives it contains.

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Make Sense: Architecture by White. About White Arkitekter, Scandinavia's leading interdisciplinary architecture practice

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BIG 2013-2019 AV Monographs 211-212. The monograph presents 35 works and designs drawn up since 2013, including the Maritime Museum of Denmark in Helsingør, the VIA 57 West residential building in New York, the LEGO House in Billund, the Amager waste treatment plant and skiing slope in Copenhagen, the 2 World Trade Center in New York, and the experimental...

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Moesgaard - Henning Larsen Architects. Richly illustrated.

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Lego House BIG. Richly illustrated.

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Arne Jacobsen - Approach to his Complete Works 1926-1971, three volumes. Richly illustrated with photos and drawings.

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Spring offer! Thorvald Bindesbøll - Inventing Modernism. Monograph on the architect Thorvald Bindesbøll (1846-1908). Richly illustrated with new photos and many previously unpublished drawings.

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