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Kengo Kuma - Inspiration and Process in Architecture- richly illustrated with more than 100 illustrations, photos, drawings etc.

DKK 349

Monograph about the Danish architect Axel Høeg-Hansen. Danish language edition. Richly illustrated.

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Monograph about the Danish architect Svenn Eske Kristensen (1905-2000). Richly illustrated with drawings and photographs. 

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Isay Weinfeld - An Architect from Brazil. Bauhaus minimalism meets tasteful elegance. 

DKK 349

Monograph about Kjellgren Kaminsky Architects. The work of the Swedish architects Fredrik Kjellgren and Joakim Kaminsky represent sustainable solutions and innovative design at its best. Richly illustrated.

DKK 449

Publication in October - preorder now! Slot Studio, founded in Mexico City by Juan Carlos Vidals and Moritz Melchert, celebrate their 10th anniversary this year, and the monograph is both a retrospective look at the studio’s oeuvre and a statement of the future. 

DKK 365

In the book passage/shaft/niche/lining/nave – wandering, the architect Petra Gipp portrays her architectural work through the use of cast plaster.

DKK 349

AV Monographs 205: Jørn Utzon 1918-2008

DKK 249

The Silo - Cobe. Ny dansk arkitektur bind 2

DKK 249

Vadehavscentret - Dorte Mandrup. Ny dansk arkitektur, bind 1. 

DKK 350

Vilje til form. About the Danish architect Knud Munk (1936-2016).

DKK 490

This monographic instalment features the work of Arno Brandlhuber, one of the most intriguing European architects today

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