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Special offer -buy before Oct 1st! Humane byer -  Danish language edition

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About the Danish architect and urban planner Peter Bredsdorff (1913-1981) Peter Bredsdorff is especially known for his Finger Plan - an urban plan from 1947 which provides a strategy for the development of theCopenhagen metropolitan area, Denmark

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The new Copenhagen - The city architects records 2001-2010 is a guide to the urban areas and urban spaces developped in the 00s everywhere in Copenhagen - from North Harbour to the South Port from Carlsberg to Ørestad. Danish language edition.

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Cool Cities. A pointed argument that cities - not nation states - can and must take the lead in fighting climate change

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Nordic Architecture & Landscape - A kaleidoscopic survey of brand new Nordic architecture and surrounding landscapes, characterized by Nordic light, the vast blue sea, white winters, green nature and urban spaces. ONLY FEW COPIES LEFT

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Gode intentioner og uregerlige byer er en gennemgang af de vigtigste udviklinger inden for by- og arkitekturteori de sidste 50 år, sat i perspektiv af debatten om politisk teori og om æstetik og etik. 

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The Death and Life of Great American Cities was described by The New York Times as perhaps the most influential single work in the history of town planning

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Byer i opbrud. Danish language edition. Den tiltagende urbanisering har skabt økologiske og demokratiske udfordringer. Bogen handler om de tendenser, der virker for eller modarbejder demokratiseringen af byens territorium, rum og liv.

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Special online offer - buy before November 1st! The City Between Freedom and Security - Contested Public Spaces in the 21st Century

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The Strip - Las Vegas and the Architecture of the American Dream - “Finally, the book that explains Las Vegas without reducing it to a caricature. Nearly 45 years after Learning from Las Vegas, Stefan Al brings the history of this iconic American landscape up to date.” Margaret Crawford.

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