Architecture Body and Space

By Helle Bøcken Wikke, Karin Skousbøll

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Architecture Body Space - About the importance of high-quality architecture as a setting for exercise and athletics.

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“Mens sana in corpore sano” - A healthy mind in a healthy bodyArchitecture Body and Space is about the importance of high-quality architecture as a setting for exercise and athletics. The book evolves around the more moderate forms of exercise and athletics such as yoga, gymnastics and dance, but also draws on experiences from more standard type of sports.

Research on the subject of exercise and architecture has shown that engaging and attractive environments have an important impact on the user’s motivation because it creates an exercise situation which as a whole is more enjoyable. The need for these spaces is a result of our society were problems linked to an unhealthy and stressful lifestyle are escalating.

Hence the call for venues of high spatial and architectural quality – venues that not only exercise our bodies but also our minds and senses, inspiring and prompting more people to obtain a physi-cally active, healthy and balanced lifestyle in accordance with the current needs.

Architecture Body and Space Part 1 highlights the historical development and the required qualities of an unrestrained, sensitive and passionate architectural approach, as opposed to the restrained, rational and targeted.

Part 2 presents a wide range of projects to illustrate different directions and qualities.

Part 3 is a more in-depth exploration of the most important design strategies. Architecture Body and Space aims to inspire, inform, influence, develop and highlight the importance of high-quality architec-ture for the purpose of physical exercise.

English language edition. Richly illustrated.

AuthorHelle Bøcken Wikke, Karin Skousbøll
Format21.5 X 22.5 cm
Publisher10 Graphic Design & Publishing
BindingHard cover
Page count336