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Building and Dwelling - Ethics for the City. About how the design of cities can enrich or diminish the everyday experience of those who dwell in them. 'There is no alternative to the planner, but please a planner who has read Sennett's book' Simon Jenkins, Sunday Times

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Roberto Burle Marx Lectures - Landscape as Art and Urbanisme. One of the most important landscape architects in the history of the field. The lectures paint a picture of Burle Marx not just as a gardener, artist and botanist, but as a landscape architect whose ambition was to bring radical change to cities and society. Incl. af dozen of lectures, most of...

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Suppose Design Office: Building in a Social Context An exclusive peek into the working life of a world-renowned design firm. By explaining the design processes for creating interior architecture it's a vital book for anyone in the design industry, from interior designer to manufacturer, and from architect to space designer, as well as students, agencies...

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Miniature and Panorama - Vogt Landscape Architects Projects 2000–12

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Mutation and Morphosis - Landscape as Aggregate looks at all the many aspects involved in the collective process of designing and shaping landscapes, from planning to implementation. The model as a tool and the collection as a driving force are illustrated on the basis of an astonishing variety of topics.

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Frank Lloyd Wright On Architecture, Nature, and the Human Spirit. Book of Quotes. Get to know Frank Lloyd Wright through this book filled with his quotes, which are grouped into twelve themes including "Humanity", "Nature", "Beauty" and many more. Wright's iconic designs are dispersed in full-color throughout the book.

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The Lamp of Memory (1849). John Ruskin: Memory – buildings should respect the culture from which they have developed

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Ornament and Crime. An essay and lecture by modernist architect Adolf Loos first published in 1913.

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Built Unbuilt - by Julen de Smedt and Julien Lanoo. The book revisits 16 years of Julien De Smedt’s work from the inception of the architectural practice PLOT with Bjarke Ingels in 2001 to the work of JDSA and the founding of the design studio Makers With Agendas with William Ravn in 2013.

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Quick guide to design thinking. Bogen præsenterer up to date-researchmodeller og -metodebeskrivelser, der gør det let at få overblik over den aktuelle debat om designtænkning.

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Jo Nagasaka - Schemata Architects - Objects and Spaces. A book showcasing the projects of Japanese architect and designer Jo Nagasaka, with insight into his idea and design processes.

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The Home Upgrade - New Homes in Remodeled Buildings - Looks beyond big budget projects and explores homes where the seemingly impossible has been achieved.

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