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DKK 399

Studio Craft and Technique for Architects. a one-stop handbook for architecture students. It provides step-by-step techniques for perfecting the vital skills of drawing, model making and surveying. Recommended in the first year at numerous architecture schools, this handy volume has been extensively revised and updated in this new edition. Kan også købes...

DKK 250

Pin's Equerre - Arkitektens triangle pin/broche

DKK 250

ARCHIMETRIC - millimeters sketchbook + instruments (tools). The pages are ruled at a scale of 1/100° and 1/50° for precision, with plain pages included for notes and freehand drawings. This sketchbook also comes with drawing instruments, including a scale ruler, a square and protractor, as well as a bookmark. 

DKK 275

Architect Pencils Box  - 6 pencils + cardboard scale ruler

DKK 90

Archiquote - 3 graphite pencils with famous quotes: I do not write I build, I am a monument and Less is more. Kan også købes i Arkitektforeningen, Åbenrå 34 - 2 min fra Nørreport st./metro

DKK 380

Stay Wild - Cabins, Rural Getaways, and Sublime Solitude. Low-impact tourism that cuts your carbon footprint and enhances your connection to nature.

DKK 460

Container Atlas seeks out luxurious remote hideaways, urban dwellings, community centers, and more, all showing how the humble container can put the fab into pre-fab. Updated and extended version.

DKK 439

Hinterland - Cabins, Love Shacks and Other Hide-Outs. The cabin has become our third place, our hideaway where we can recharge our spirits and reconnect with ourselves, away from the restraints of society and the stress of the everyday. This book presents the best new cabin architecture and design.

DKK 1.840 DKK 2.300 -20%
DKK 1.840 DKK 2.300 -20%

Toolset - Design Flid. 

DKK 12.999

Finn Juhl Fruit Bowl large - designed 1951. Made to order masterpiece.

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