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Grundbogen om arkitekturens fortolkning som er en naturlig del af arkitektstudiet og et must for enhver, der beskæftiger sig med arkitektur. Danish language edition.

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What is Architecture? And 100 Other Questions. This entertaining and informative book explores the world of architecture through a series of 101 questions and answers that cover a wide range of issues on its practice and theory.

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101 THINGS I LEARNED IN ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL is a book that students of architecture will want to keep in the design studio and in their backpacks.

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50 Housing Floor Plans (55 cards). A pack for better living. Containing 50 floor plans from recent collective housing buildings (2000-2017) with different sizes and forms (Z-shape, Butterfly, Spine, Empty Circle, Cactus…), in addition to 50 housing units taken from projects.

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Livet mellem husene - Jan Gehls klassiker fra 1971 står stadig uanfægtet som den mest grundlæggende indføring i udemiljøernes samspil med det sociale liv. Danish language edition.

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Om at opleve arkitektur af Steen Eiler Rasmussen præsenterer en sanselig tilgang til bygningskunsten. Bogen er et genoptryk af den oprindelige udgave fra 1957, i original form og med originale farvefotos.

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50 Urban Blocks. This set of cards contains 50 examples of how to design an urban block. Each card proposes a possible urban form along with measurements and density data, including floor plans, sun exposure, coverage, and both the built and occupied floor area per storey.

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100 Ideas that Changed Architecture. Arranged in a broadly chronological order, the ideas are presented through fascinating text and arresting visuals, the book explores when each idea first evolved and the subsequent impact it has had up to the present day. More than 300 illustrations. 

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Design Process in Architecture. Every building starts with an idea. But how do you get from a concept to a piece of architecture? Why do some ideas work better than others? What is a ‘good’ design? With accessible text and hundreds of images, this is an indispensable and illuminating guide for beginning architecture students as well as anyone who is...

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Don't Get a Job...Make a Job - How to make it as a creative graduate. Too often a design or architecture degree is seen as a means to an end (a job in an established practice). But imagine for one moment that there are no employers, no firms to send your CV to, no interviews to be had – what would you do? How would you forge your own path after graduation?

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Unpacking My Library: Architects and Their Books - What does a library say about the mind of its owner? How do books map the intellectual interests, curiosities, tastes, and personalities of their readers? 

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