Tekstil finér skærm

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Tekstil finér skærm (Textile veneer) designed by Else-Rikke Bruun architect MAA and designer.

  • Black
  • Natur

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Tekstil finér skærm designed by Else-Rikke Bruun architect MAA and designer. Available in two colors - black or nature

Textile veneer. Inspired by textile structures and patterns Else-Rikke has worked with a fusion of textile and wood. A fusion, which forms a mega textile made of veneer and massive wood. The wood is transformed into enlarged fibers in a textile weaving.
The textile – in woven veneer – is used to create a screen wall. The decorative and perforated structure of the textile veneer comes into its own in the screen.

Else-Rikke Bruun (born in 1975), architect MAA and designer, received her BA in Furniture Design from Danmarks Designskole in 2002 and a MA in architecture from The Royal Danish Academy of Architecture in 2010.  In recent years she has focused on creating distinct furniture pieces that have been displayed in many exhibitions, including the Biennale for Craft & Design (DK), The Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition (DK) and at the Danish Design Makers Exhibition in Stockholm. She has several work and study-residencies to her credit, in Morocco, Mexico and Japan to name a few. Else-Rikke has also been the recipient of numerous grants and has participated in several artist-in-residence programmes.

Format152 cm H, 136 cm B, 12 cm D
ManufacturerElse-Rikke Bruun, arkitekt MAA og designer
MaterialKrydsfinér og aeroplan i birk, sort eller natur, olieret
Designed byElse-Rikke Bruun, arkitekt MAA og designer
Year of design2018