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The book shows 68 of the finest gardens in Europe with fantastic reproductions of the most important plans and drawings

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Carl Theodor Sørensen is one of the great landscape architects of the 20th century.He worked with virtually all the leading architects of Danish functionalism. 

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When Architecture Tells the Story - of the Virgin Islands of the United States - Cities and landscapes in the Virgin Islands of the United States.

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C. Th. sørensen - De musikalske haver. Et foranderligt monument. En fotografisk fortælling om De musikalske haver af C. Th. Sørensen. Det ultimative og enestående eksempel på modernismens havekunst skabt af C. Th. Sørensen (1893-1979). Indeholder udsøgte fotografier af Christina Capetillo.

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Outdoor Voices - the pioneer era of Norwegian landscape architecture 1900-1960

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Contemporary Communities. What makes communities thrive?

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In 1993 Malene Hauxner published her highly acclaimed doctoral dissertation "Fantasiens have" [The Imaginary Garden]. Open to the Sky is a continuation dealing with the second stage of modernism from 1950-1970. Building and landscape, spaces and works, city landscape. 

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Sven-Ingvar's Garden - and other essays on the oeuvre of landscape architect Sven-Ingvar Andersson. This book explores the late Andersson’s oeuvre by revisiting ten of his best works, and includes a previously unpublished interview.

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Biography of an Industrial Landscape tells the story of one of the most significant urban redevelopment projects in northern Europe at the turn of the century. Examining the reinvention of the Carlsberg brewery site in Copenhagen as a city district, Svava Riesto unpacks the deeper assumptions about value that lie behind contemporary design, spatial...

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The City by the Sea. Publication in June - preorder now!

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a+t 52 Paradises - Urban Park Strategies. Through a selection of projects, the magazine identifies and analyses design strategies with which to create accessible, natural paradises for the urban dweller.

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