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Det sammensatte. Samtidslandskabets fotografi af Christiana Capetillo.

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Dansk arkitektur - Konkurrencer 1969-2015. 

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Dansk arkitektur - Konkurrencer 1907-1968 og Dansk arkitektur - Konkurrencer 1969-2015 - SAMPAK SÆRPRIS

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Where Architects Sleep - The Most Stylish Hotels in the World. The world's leading architects share insider tips on where to stay, revealing everything from renowned destinations to undiscovered gems. With 1,200 listings in more than 100 countries, this guide has readers covered, whether planning a business trip or a vacation, a city break or a remote...

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Le Corbusier Paper Models - 10 Kirigami Models to Cut and Fold. Now you can create 10 of his most important works in paper using the art of kirigami (cutting and folding).

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Publication September 21st! Luxury for Every One - Milestones in European Stepped Terrace Housing. Publication in April - preorder now!

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Fascination Concrete - udkommer i maj - forudbestil nu! The publication shows the enormous relevance and inimitable fascination of concrete in impressive imagery and versed texts with all relevant facts. 

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The Materials Book. This publication contains essays, case studies, and a catalogue of building materials compiled by more than 60 architects, engineers, and scientists from around the world that deal with the environmentally mindful and socially responsible use of materials and resources.

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Publication in April - preorder now! The Sunny Days of Villa Savoye - Villa Savoye is an icon of modern architecture. But who were Eugénie and Pierre Savoye, who had the house built between 1928 and 1930? Why did they commission Le Corbusier? And how did they live in the country house they christened Villa les Heures Claires?

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Academic Dissensus. The book explores the nature of an art academy and more specifically a school of architecture. The academy is conceived of as an archipelago of academic cultures. The book is specifically concerned with the way artistic practice relates to politics at a school of architecture. 

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Upcycling. Reuse As A Design Principle In Architecture. This volume explores the potential of historical concepts of upcycling, and confronts them with new developments in architectural and building practice. Rather than a matter of idealism, recycling and upcycling present an argument for economy and the quality of structure and design.

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The Very Best Works At The Turn of The Century. A selection of the most prominent works of architecture selected by El Croquis with an introduction by Juan Antonio Cortés and an essay by William Curtis

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