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DKK 216

Design Process in Architecture. Every building starts with an idea. But how do you get from a concept to a piece of architecture? Why do some ideas work better than others? What is a ‘good’ design? With accessible text and hundreds of images, this is an indispensable and illuminating guide for beginning architecture students as well as anyone who is...

DKK 1.800

Panter&Tourron Signal Lamp white small. Inspired by the shape of vintage pocket Morse lamps, SIGNAL is a single volume softened on the sides, characterized by a central carved dome that doubles as opening on the opposite side, letting the light shine through a subtle gradient.

DKK 103

Pantone - 35 Inspirational Color Palettes for the Home. Home decorators rejoice! Interiors can now be brightened with confidence using color combos from the international color experts at Pantone. Selected specifically for décor, these palettes are perfect for color coordinating every room in the house.

DKK 63

The set includes 13 different male and female figurines wearing different attire and adopting different poses. Add life, scale and proportion to your Arckit model creations using Arckit Architectural Figurines.

DKK 319

Håndlavede pastelkridt 10 stk. - Chalk Copenhagen i mahogni trææske med låg. Kan ikke fremsendes, men skal afhentes i Arkitektforeningen, Åbenrå 34 - 2 min fra Nørreport st/metro

DKK 2.716

Skyline Chess Brutalist edition

DKK 960

Skyline Chess New York City vs London special edition acrylic set

DKK 79

Slendy SEED Plus Easer. Komfort og funktion går hånd i hånd med Slendy SEED Plus Eraser, et kult klassisk værktøj med japansk præcision.

DKK 240

TLB Scissors 8 - classic and timeless timeless design. They are made from Japanese stainless steel with a comfortable rubber handle. Each pair is etched with a branded logo and comes in a hot foiled protective sleeve.

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