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DKK 1.100

Toolset - Design Flid. 

DKK 300

Hammer Japan Styled - design Flid

DKK 350

Bit Screwdriver - incl 14 bits - Design Flid. Upcyled oak.

DKK 260

Small screwdriver - design Flid. Upcycled oak


Flid DIY Bench. Drinking a cup of coffee on a bench that you built yourself. Download Flid Designs building guide for a bench for free right here and let the building begin.


Flid Tools DIY Shoes Rack. FLID Tools have designed a shoe rack that is both easy and cheap to build.With Flid Tools detailed DIY manual you can build the shoe rack in a matter of hours and the measurements can be adjusted to fit your space.


Flid Tools DIY Stool. You can build this stool in your living room and only need the basic set of tools to succeed. Download the free manual right here and go grab your tools.


Flid Tools DIY Magazine Rack - free manual

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