Flake cufflinks

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Spring offer! Flake cufflinks in sterling silver / The facets on these angular flakes reflect the light beautifully. The Flake Collection is designed and made by the Danish jeweler Sofie Lunøe. Sculptural, graphic and eye-catching shapes crafted in a lasting quality, intended for contemporary, everyday wear and to become future heirlooms.

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Flake cufflinks in sterling silver / The facets on these angular flakes reflect the light beautifully. The Flake Collection includes ear studs, pendants, necklaces, cufflinks, brooches, bracelets and rings. Available in four different variations in size and form. You can use them individually and assemble several of them for a more complex expression.

Sofie Lunøe about the Flake Collection

The Flake Collection got its name because it reminds me of crystallized flakes of ice, salt or some other mineral. It is designed as a level sheet with a few angular bends creating a faceted surface, that catches the light in an elegant way.

I had the idea of creating some faceted, yet not too massive, jewellery. I created the “first generation” of Flakes by hand, but afterwards four flake modules were drawn and 3D printed which gave a perfectly sharp result. The modules are different in form and size, so the collection has endless possibilities for combination and variation. A Flake module can be flipped and turned, it can be cut up and soldered  – so the modern technique is supplemented by traditional craft in the finishing of each piece.

Flake is a popular collection: The small Flake pieces are easy to wear daily jewellery, whereas the larger Flake pieces are more of a statement piece, calling for attention.

Format24 mm
Materialsølv og sort oxideret sølv
KunsthåndværkerGuldsmed Sofie Lunøe