SEN Table Lamp

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SEN Table Lamp. The SEN table lamp is a unique and contemporary piece of light art that builds on tradition while revitalizing traditional Japanese craftsmanship.  Also available as a pendant.

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SEN Table Lamp. 

Sen means lines in Japanese and the many bamboo strips that are bent into shape creates lines as well as shadow. The craftmanship of the lamps builds on the traditional art of takesensuji, which is a technique traditionally used to make insect cages and paper lanterns, while adding a modern look and use.

The lamp is carefully handcrafted in Japan by the artist Tani Toshiyuki together with bamboo masters using roughly 600 bamboo strips.

MaterialThe lamps are made of bamboo and will over time get the traditional sought for amber hue colour
Designed byTani Toshiyuki
Weight295 g
DimensionW: 260mm x H: 230mm x 260mm