Co-creating Architecture nos 1-2 - Nord Architects and EFFEKT

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SÆRPRIS - Co-creating Architecture nos 1-2 - Nord Architects and EFFEKT

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Co-creating Architecture nos 1-2 - Nord Architects and EFFEKT

Co-creating Architecture no. 1 - Nord Architects

This book introduces NORD Architects, who use their profound interest in social matters to work strategically with co-creation, because, according to them, this is the perfect way to stimulate interest, ownership, networking and obtain political leverage. Opening up the architectural authorship, without relinquishing the architectural responsibility or influence, simply has far greater potential than any autonomous design process in terms of creating efficient solutions for change on all scales

Co-creating Architecture no. 2 EFFEKT. 

This book introduces EFFEKT: ‘empathic designers’ who practice co-creation as an integral part of their design process. To them enhancing the quality of their work comes from main- taining a constant dialogue with the world around them. Asking the right questions means getting the right answers; involving stakeholders at all levels results in innovative and socially sus- tainable solutions that help change the world for the better.

About the series Co-creating Architecture

Co-creating Architecture is a book project that takes a look at the vast potential and use of co-creation within Danish architecture. To do so best Co-creating Architecture comes as a series of books in which Danish design studios that emerged during the 2000s and early 2010s are portrayed. This generation of designers sets a new international standard for Danish architecture with their ability to offer sustainable answers to societal and social chal- lenges in the shape of innovative and lasting design solutions. The key to this was and still is co-creation: a collaborative approach that opens up the creative process, inviting users, decision-makers and experts from a wide range of fields to participate in and inform the development of projects. Co-creation stimulates interest, sense of ownership, networking and politi- cal leverage, creating a strong foundation for any project, small or large-scale.

Each book in the series Co-creating Architecture consists of three parts: an extensive interview with focus on the architects’ view and use of co-creation as a tool; a catalogue of completed and upcoming projects in which co-creation plays a key role; and, finally, an outside perspective/essay on the design practice which takes a look at its processes, solutions and potentials.

Format15 x 24 cm
Publisher10 Graphic Design & Publishing
BindingHard cover
EditorBirgitte Kleis