Partners for a Sustainable Future


Partners for a Sustainable Future. The BASP project works to strengthen the bonds between academia, stakeholders and practice in pursuit of more sustainable architecture. The new publication marks a milestone in this effort and comes with an interactive map as a potent tool to establish new and fruitful connections.


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Let’s say you’re an architect working on a new project, but you need a biologist or a psychologist to collaborate with you. Where do you go? Well, perhaps this interactive map could help you out in an instant. The searchable map easily lets you find relevant partners  to get you well on your way.

And the purpose of the BASP project is just that: Creating new ways for professionals in and around architecture to collaborate more and better on sustainable projects.

As part of the project, researchers from The Aarhus School of Architecture have just published an e-book, Partners For a Sustainable Future, which documents the progress made in the BASP project so far.

“We wanted to map the ecosystem that our teaching programme was embedded in as well as the expertise of external stakeholders so as to create a hub of information that may, in time, grow to become an important part of our sustainable research and practice”, says associate professor Thomas Hilberth of The Aarhus School of Architecture.

In time the map could evolve to become interactive, letting everyone contribute and thereby gaining in relevance and quality every time someone enters data into it.

The mission of BASP, as it is stated in the new publication, is to document, encourage and strengthen the collaboration and interaction between academia, practice and a broad swath of stakeholders to work towards a more sustainable future.

“Stage 2 is to develop tools to help us evaluate and analyse, ongoing as well as future potentials for collaboration with a wide variety of stakeholders”, says research assistant Kevin Kuriakose of The Aarhus School of Architecture.

And so, the goal of the BASP project may be one step closer: Finding a way to evaluate collaborations in terms of quality and impact on the sustainable agenda.

Read or download the publication:

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