En lys og lykkelig fremtid - historien om FDB møbler

Historien om FDB-møbler

By Per H. Hansen

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En lys og lykkelig fremtid - historien om FDB møbler. About FDB furniture. Danish language edition. Richly illustrated.

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About FDB furniture. FDB started up its furniture manufacturing in the 1940's as a cooperative. The aim of FDB was to create good quality furniture for the everyday consumer at the lowest possible price with a focus on the needs of the average family. Constructions were generally made simple to ensure that no advanced technology was required for production. The simplicity of shapes was focused on making the furniture practical and comfortable with optimal use of the best natural materials. The popular designer Børge Mogense was the development head of FDB's furniture department throughout several years. They also cooperated with designers and architects such as Hans J.Wegner, who helped FDB in 1944 to design a rocking chair which Fredericia Furniture produces today. Today, many of FDB´s furniture have become classics. Danish language edition. Richly illustrated.

AuthorPer H. Hansen
PublisherStrandberg Publishing
BindingHard cover
Page count272