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Architecture and the Welfare State, is the first book to explore the architecture of the welfare state in Western Europe from an international perspective. 

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Danish Architecture since 1754. An introduction to Danish architecture, not just for professionals, but for all those who are interested in the connection between the buildings' history and the development of society. 

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Dansk arkitektur siden 1754. En introduktion til dansk arkitektur, ikke kun for fagfolk, men for alle som interesserer sig for sammenhængen mellem husenes historie og samfundets udvikling.   

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Spring offer! Rummets arkitektur - arkitekturens rum. Danish language edition only. 

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Expected publication in December 2020. Architecture in Effect. A substantial collection of essays emerging from the Swedish research environment of the same name. While it takes its point of departure from within the specific context that is Sweden, it includes contributions from authors based in the Nordic context, in the United Kingdom, Europe and the...

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The Architecture School Survival Guide is a life-saving and entertaining resource for any first-year student.

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Refractions—Artistic Research in Architecture consists of a series of essays that investigate the practice that we call artistic research. It also contains interviews with a number of researchers, all of whom have worked within the frame of this concept—and presents visual material that attests to the wide compass of such reflective artistic production.

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