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Raw Concrete - The Beauty of Brutalism - embarks on a wide-ranging journey through Britain over the past sixty years, stopping to examine how eight extraordinary buildings were made - from commission to construction - why they have been so vilified, and why they are beginning to be loved.

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Publication in September - preorder now! Renovating Carbon - Re-imagining the Carbon Form

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Beyond Concrete - Strategies for a post-fossil baukultur

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Buildings Reimagined - A Dialogue between Old and New. This book provides an in-depth analysis of a selection of thirty building types: looking closely at the property's background, the transformation of the motivation, the transformation strategy, as well as the problems encountered in the transformation. 

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Converted - Reinventing Architecture. The 60 best and most spectacular building conversions on the international architecture scene, with descriptions and photographs of projects by renowned, world class firms. På vej til lager!

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Adapting Cites to Sea Level Rise - Green and Gray Strategies. Adapting Cities to Sea Level Rise, by infrastructure expert Stefan Al, introduces design responses to sea-level rise, drawing from examples around the globe.

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Provocations against Perfectionism - The Architecture of Friis and Moltke 1950-1980

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byWomen. A Guidebook to Everyday Architecture in Greater Copenhagen. The book reveals 50 works known as unknown from the Greater Copenhagen region – all designed by women. Besides introduction, photos, and anecdotes, the book works as a guide too offering a map, addresses, and registers. Richly illustrated.

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The Color of Modernism: Paints, Pigments, and the transformation of Modern Architecture in 1920's Germany. The Color of Modernism: Paints, Pigments, and the transformation of Modern Architecture in 1920's Germany. One of the most enduring and pervasive myths about modernist architecture is that it was white-pure white walls both inside and out. Yet...

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Cocoon House - Light in sustainable architecture and design. The carefully considered theories that served as inspiration to the house are discussed in depth, making Cocoon House a crucial reference book to anyone studying sustainable architecture as a whole.

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Sommertilbud! Building with Earth - Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture. Fourth and revised edition of the standard work of reference on rammed earth construction

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