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The Wellfare City in Transition - A Compilation of Texts and Images 1923-2020. Through a compilation of texts and images from different voices and decades the book presents key challenges and perspectives of the past, present and future of the Danish welfare city. It provides a critical map for reflection and action when tackling the urban issues of our...

DKK 460

Urban Complexity and Spatial Strategies develops important new relational and institutionalist approaches to policy analysis and planning, of relevance to all those with an interest in cities and urban areas. Useful for students, social scientists and policy makers

DKK 549

Neoliberalism on the Ground: Architecture and Transformation from the 1960s to the Present. This volume examines the multivalent role of architecture and urbanism in geographically variable yet interconnected processes of neoliberal transformation across scales—from China, Turkey, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico, the United States, Britain, Sweden, and...

DKK 349

The Architecture of Bathing - Body, Landscape, Art. A celebration of communal bathing—swimming pools, saunas, beaches, ritual baths, sweat lodges, and more—viewed through the lens of architecture and landscape.

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