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Building and Dwelling - Ethics for the City. About how the design of cities can enrich or diminish the everyday experience of those who dwell in them. 'There is no alternative to the planner, but please a planner who has read Sennett's book' Simon Jenkins, Sunday Times

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Ornament and Crime. An essay and lecture by modernist architect Adolf Loos first published in 1913.

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This collector’s album presents Moscow’s architectural icons

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Fra ghetto til blandet by - Danske og internationale erfaringer med omdannelse af udsatte boligområder. Bogen dokumenterer at det kan lade sig gøre at ombygge ghettoer i stedet for at rive ned. Danish language edition only.

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Built by the Sea - Villas and Small houses, 3RD Edition - The book is a showcase of private residences and summer houses in which the interplay between the built and the unbuilt natural landscape achieves it maximum effect.

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Design with Nature Now. Named a best book of 2019! Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Ian McHarg's seminal book, which set a forth a new vision for regional planning using natural systems.

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Soft City by David Sim, Gehl Architects. Imagine waking up to the gentle noises of the city, and moving through your day with complete confidence that you will get where you need to go quickly and efficiently. Soft City offers inspiration, ideas, and guidance for anyone interested in city building. Sim shows how to make any city more efficient, more...

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The Landscape of Imagination - The Collected Essays of James Corner, 1990-2010. Addresses critical issues in landscape architecture and prove that the best way to address the problems facing our cities is to embrace their industrial past.

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My Book - Svein Tønsager. Cracks, Hinges & Xfoliation about the dynamic and visionary Norwegian architect - the driving force behind the creation of a wide international network of architects who constantly explored the possibilities of architecture through exchanges, lectures, debates, dialogues and friendships. Articles by Michael Sorkin, Christine...

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Age-Inclusive Public Space. This publication provides practitioners with inspiration, theoretical knowledge on how to design public spaces to meet the needs of people of all ages. The drawings, photographs and illustrations of contemporary built environments, historic gardens, art installations and atmospheric landscapes cater to the reading habits of...

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DKK 1.350 DKK 1.500 -10%

Le Corbusier's Set Polychromie Entrée. This Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier product set includes the book "Architectural Colour Design - Le Corbusier's Architectural Polychromy" and the 3-part colour fan "Le Corbusier's Architectural Polychromy".

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The Very Best Works At The Turn of The Century. A selection of the most prominent works of architecture selected by El Croquis with an introduction by Juan Antonio Cortés and an essay by William Curtis

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