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Christmas offer - buy before Dec 20th! About Hack Kampmann (1856–1920) a Danish architect and professor of architecture at the architecture department of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and one of the most influential architects in Danish architectural history

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Special offer -buy before Oct 1st! Humane byer -  Danish language edition

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Celebrating Faaborg Museum 1915-2015

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Danish language edition

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About the award winning Danish architects, Eva(1916-2006)and Nils Koppel (1914-2009)

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Danish language edition only.

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Adventures in Conceptualism explores the method of concept-based architecture through a series of conversations with some of the world''s leading architects and urbanists.

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Christmas offer - buy before Dec 20! Hack Kampmann part two. Danish language edition only.

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Special offer - buy before April 15th! About the Danish architect and urban planner Peter Bredsdorff (1913-1981) DANISH LANGUAGE EDITIONPeter Bredsdorff is especially known for his Finger Plan - an urban plan from 1947 which provides a strategy for the development of theCopenhagen metropolitan area, Denmark

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How is the new created? Does the concept of method make sense given the fact that each creative process is evaluated in relation to its singularity? When is a process completed? Danish language edition.

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The new Copenhagen - The city architects records 2001-2010 is a guide to the urban areas and urban spaces developped in the 00s everywhere in Copenhagen - from North Harbour to the South Port from Carlsberg to Ørestad. Danish language edition.

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Monograph on the Danish architects Inger (b. 1926) og Johannes Exner (1926-2015).

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