Small Houses XL - Homes for our time

Af Philip Jodidio

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Sommertilbud! Small Houses XL - Homes for our time. . A sweeping survey of small-scale architectural invention

Small Houses XL - Homes for our time. A sweeping survey of small-scale architectural invention

A Small House is a tribute to the endless artistic inventiveness of architects and ingenuity of perception of the familiar and known concepts. It is also a conscious pivot towards sustainability and reduction of impact on the environment as well as a daring attitude of change in lifestyle. As humanity faces inevitable pressures such as climate change, an increase in population, and strain on resources, these solutions are helping shape what the world may look like in the future.

Whether in the dense urban areas of Tokyo, the wilderness of Australia, the woods of Canada, or a rooftop in Ecuador, this is the world of Small Houses. The one common point they share, is that they all have an area of no more than 100 square meters. Spanning 25 countries such as Brazil, Hungary, South Korea, Netherlands, USA, Japan, and Australia, described here there are houses designed by 57 architects, including Takeshi Hosaka’s Love2 House, Aranza de Ariño’s Casa Tiny, and the work of Jakub Szczęsny, Charles Pictet, Lada Hršak, BIG, and Fran Silvestre, among others.
This is a journey not only through recent evolutions in architectural design and creativity, but it is also a step toward a more sustainable world.
ForfatterPhilip Jodidio
Format25 x 37 cm
SprogEnglish, French and German
IndbindingHard cover
Side tal424 pages