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Brick by Brick - Architecture and Interiors Built with Bricks. Creatively laying the bricks of tomorrow: how an ancient material is building the future.

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Vandkunsten Arkitekter. Indeholder aktuelle projekter og essays fra Tegnestuen Vandkunsten, Danmarks førende træbyggere. Bogen er opdelt i temaer omkring fleksible og hybride byggeprincipper, regional arkitektur, præfabrikerede moduler og bokse, og massivtræ. Kan også købes i Arkitektforeningen, Åbenrå 34. WOODS ER STADIG PÅ LAGER

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Særtilbud! Wood - Vandkunsten Architects. Wood encompasses nine recent, wood-based projects by the renowned Danish architecture studio Vandkunsten Architects, who has shaped the contemporary use of wood in Nordic architecture for over five decades. Projects include the flexible housing at Lisbjerg Bakke, the Arctic House in Greenland, and Senior cohousing...

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Advancing Wood Architecture - A Computational Approach. Illustrated in full colour, the book showcases the latest technological developments in design computation, simulation and digital fabrication together with an architectural, engineering and manufacturing perspective, offering an outlook towards novel spatial and constructional opportunities of a...

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Out of the Woods - Architecture and Interiors built from wood. Inventive new ways of building using nature’s oldest and most adaptive material.

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Architectural Material 2 Wood. Including more than 60 projects by 55 international practices, as well as brief statements from 25 architecture offices regarding their views on using this traditional material in modern buildings. Leveringstid 5-10 dage

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100 Contemporary Wood Buildings XL. How has this elemental material come to steal the show at luxury hot spring structures and cutting-edge urban renewal schemes? With 100 projects from China, Chile, and everywhere in between, this global survey explores the technical, environmental, and sensory elements that have inspired a return to timber.

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October tilbud! Building with Earth - Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture. Fourth and revised edition of the standard work of reference on rammed earth construction

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Shigeru Ban - Timber in Architecture. A comprehensive survey of more than 50 buildings showcasing novel applications for this most ancient of building materials. Museum projects, corporate headquarters, and temporary shelters for both natural and man-made disasters display the state of the art in wood construction, especially the emerging technology of...

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Traditionelle bygningsmaterialer - eksempler på byggemetoder i historiske huse. Inkl. konkrete eksempler, billeder, historisk gennemgang af bygningstyper og stilarter - og en pædagogisk ordforklaring. henvender sig til både gør-det-selv-folket, håndværkere, rådgivere og alle der har interesse i at passe på gamle huse og den historiske bygningsarv. Kan...

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Modern Construction Handbook, 6th ed.. New edition of the popular handbook

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Arkitekturens Dag Tiilbud Building with Paper - Architecture and Construction. Paper and cardboard as sustainable building materials are currently the subject of research and testing. They can be produced inexpensively, are made from renewable raw materials and are completely recyclable. Explains the technology of building with cardboard and paper and...

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