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A+U 566 17:11 European Architecture 1945-1970 Synthesis of Modernism and Context

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AV Monographs 196: Carlos Jimenez 30 years, 30 works. About the work of Carlos Jiménez

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AV Monographs 202: Harquitectes. This special overview features twelve local Barcelona projects (“experiences”): designs for living, education, research, and civic functions.      

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RCR Arquitectes 2012/17. El Croquis: About the projects of RCR Aquitectes

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El Croquis 201: Caruso St john (2013-2019). This monographic issue of the magazine features recent work by Caruso St John, the London-based architectural firm established in 1990 by Adam Caruso and Peter St John. 

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El Croquis 192: 6a Architects (2009-2017). Rigt illustreret.

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Denne særlige udgave indeholder essays af Bart Lootsma og Moritz Küng, samt indeholder et udvalg af 20 eksemplariske projekter.

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A comprehensive overview of recent work by the 2008 Pritzker Prize winner, Jean Nouvel, this impressive instalment offers an in-depth and personal guide to the successes of this acclaimed French architect. Richly illustrated.

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GA Architect Sanaa- An overview of recent work by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, who together gained international recognition with their office SANAA. 

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Islands. This particular issue attempt to amplify the voices of indigenous narratives, as well as on non-colonial protocols of passage on these islands, like in the cases of displaced persons in the Mediterranean Sea or the Indian Ocean. 

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