Concrete - Conservation Challenges

Concrete - Conservation Challenges

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Sommertilbud! Concrete - Conservation Challenges. Docomomo dossier 10

Concrete - Conservation Challenges

Docomomo International afholdt en konference i Wroclaw, Polen, omkring renoveringen og genanvendelsen af Modernismens betonbyggerier, og denne dossier samler bidragene herfra.



The Centennial Hall in Wrocław – history and renovation 

Jerzy Ilkosz, Jadwiga Urbanik 


The former brewery U-Turm in Dortmund – renovation, conversion and expansion 

of a listed building

Matthias Pfeifer


Robert Maillart’s innovative views in using concrete

Denis Zastavni


The Valtschiel Bridge in Donat – conservation, culture and heritage

Jürg Conzett


Brno Fair (1928) – a jewel of functionalist architecture 

Iveta Černá


Concrete Pirouette – structural repair and material care

Steps of restoration, static and aesthetic, in the conservation of four case studies

Ola Wedebrunn


Concrete Heritage in the Netherlands – repair strategies for plastered and exposed concrete structures

Wessel de Jonge


Concrete housing in the Netherlands - Interwar and post-war experiments

Marieke Kuipers                 


Erich Mendelsohn’s Red Banner Factory in Leningrad 1926-1928: rehabilitation and conservation proposals 2007-2010

Sergej Fedorov & Matthias Pfeifer


Techniques, damage processes and conservation of concrete stone and cement plaster

Ivo Hammer, with contributions of Marko Goetz


Tokyo Olympic facilities in the sixties: conservation and present status

Ayako Horiuchi


Le Corbusier’s National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo - a prototype for a Museum of Unlimited Expansion

Yamana Yoshiyuki


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RedaktørOla Wedebrunn & Jadwiga Urbanik