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AV Monographs 226: Sou Fujimoto Architects 2000-2020.  Featuring fourteen completed projects along with eleven still in progress, the selection includes a wide range of typologies and scales in locations around the world.

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AV Monographs 196: Carlos Jimenez 30 years, 30 works. About the work of Carlos Jiménez

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AV Monographs 202: Harquitectes. This special overview features twelve local Barcelona projects (“experiences”): designs for living, education, research, and civic functions.      

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BIG 2013-2019 AV Monographs 211-212. The monograph presents 35 works and designs drawn up since 2013, including the Maritime Museum of Denmark in Helsingør, the VIA 57 West residential building in New York, the LEGO House in Billund, the Amager waste treatment plant and skiing slope in Copenhagen, the 2 World Trade Center in New York, and the experimental...

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