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A+U 598 20:07: Architecture In The 70s "it Was The Best of Time, It Was The Worst Of Time.." Yasuhiro Teramatsu turns this issue’s focus on the turbulent 1970s. Historian of architectural theory Harry F. Mallgrave offers an analysis of the discourses that were particularly important and their connections to architecture. Featuring numerous exemplary works.

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A+U 596 20:05 Architecture of Hope: 30 Years of European Architecture EU Mies Award. The issue covers all of the shortlisted works and jury proceedings for each edition of the award, and highlights eight works from the Mies Foundation’s “Art Intervention” initiative at the Barcelona Pavilion.

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A+U 524 New Landscapes Of Wooden Architecture. Features built works from around the globe, plus two competitions that foresee further integration of timber in cities and urban landscapes. Essays by Werner Sobek, Matti Kuittinen and Michael Green discuss different aspects of modern wood construction.

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A+U 566 17:11 European Architecture 1945-1970 Synthesis of Modernism and Context

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