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Materialising Colour. A fascinating journey into the world of textiles and color through the eyes of Kvadrat expert Giulio Ridolfo. Kan også købes i Arkitektforeningen, Åbenrå 34, 2 min fra Nørreport st/metro

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A Dictionary of Color Combinations - Volume 2. Following on that enduring bestseller, 'A Dictionary of Color Combinations' Vol. 2 brings back two more works by Wada published in 1935–1936 and 1938, respectively. Essential for architects and interior designers.Kan også købes i Arkitektforeningen, Åbenrå 34, 2 min fra Nørreport st/metro

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Upgrade - Home Extensions, Alterations and Refurbishments. Adding. Extending. Transforming. Upgrade breathes new life in forgotten architecture.

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Natural Palettes. This innovative plant-based color-guide includes twenty-five palettes with five hundred natural color swatches, providing inspiration for sustainable fashion, textiles, fine art, floral design, food, medicine, gardening, interior design, and other creative disciplines.

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Case Design - A School in the Making. Avasara Academy is a residential school for young women in western India and is still a work in process. With thoughtful attention to both physical and social environments, the school is evolving through a design-build process focused on inclusion and engagement.

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Karl Blossfeldt - Variations. The first book-length monograph to examine the reception of Blossfeldt’s work. Drawing on unpublished materials, it analyzes the photographs’ replication in teaching materials, pattern books and art books, and also in the pages of the illustrated press 

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BIG. Forgiving. An Architectural Future History. Kan også købes i Arkitektforeningen, Åbenrå 34 - 2 min fra Nørreport st/metro

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Building Time - Architecture, event, and experience. 

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