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Udsolgt pt - nyt genoptryk i 2022.  Sustainability in Scandinavia - Architectural Design and Planning. Today, Scandinavia is still on the forefront of sustainable development, reorienting cultural engagement and economic growth to face climate change. In this book, essential aspects of sustainability in architecture and planning are approached from many...

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Udgivelse i august 2021 - forudbestil nu! Johan Celsing - Building, Texts. Work and philosophy of one of Scandinavia's most renowned contemporary architects

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Udkommer i juli måned - forudbestil nu! The Importance of Drawing - Louis Kahn. Based on unprecedented archival research, engagingly presented by a group of eminent scholars and architects, and lavishly illustrated with over 600 highest quality reproductions.

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MONU 33 Pandemic Urbanism.  This issue of ‘MONU’ addresses what effects pandemics have on cities, both today and in the past, and analyses their urban impact, yet also looks for new ideas and approaches that improve our dealings with the current situation in these strange times.

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Exploring Urban Futures. 

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Tiny House: Live Small, Dream Big. 250 amazing small spaces that will make you want to downsize, declutter and live a freer, simpler, happier life. Less is definitely more.

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Who Built That? Skyscrapers. Skyscrapers is a colorful tour of the world's tallest buildings and the larger-than-life personalities who built them. This primer will introduce readers of all ages to new heights of architectural wonder.

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Use This if You Want to be Great at Drawing. A playful introduction to contemporary drawing styles, techniques and ideas. Use This if You Want to Be Great at Drawing will build your confidence so you can perfect your drawing technique.

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Residential Masterpieces 30: Mies Van Der Rohe Farnsworth House Plano, Illinois Usa, 1945-51- Richly illustrated with drawings and photos. 

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The Architectural Drawing Course. A solid foundational coursebook that guides readers through all the hand drawing techniques every architect should know. This book concludes with practical advice for anyone considering a career in architectural design, offering ideas on building a portfolio, getting advanced training and continuing on a path to a...

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Pre-Fab Living. From cabins to containers, this international overview showcases a new generation of innovative homes that save space, are kinder to the planet and cost less to build. An essential and future source of inspiration for architects, designers and home-builders. Richly illustrated with photography and drawings.

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Garden City - Supergreen Buildings, Urban Skyscapes and the New Planted Space. Featuring seventy projects from around the world – some built, some ongoing, some from the future – Garden City looks at the increasingly inventive ways in which architects and designers are incorporating nature into the built environment, transforming the city for the benefit...

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